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CAROL WOOD At-Large Councilmember

This website is intended to bring you closer to city government, to examine it and allow you to have a voice in decision making for your city. Come to our site daily to view new content, updated pictures and blog entries about Lansing. If you have questions or comments, we want to hear them.

This website is all about you, your neighborhood, your community, your

Capital City.

  • Provide clear, transparent and accountable government administration.
  • Work cooperatively with Lansing City Council to develop and implement responsible and effective policy.
  • Provide staffing for Fire and Police to ensure for safe neighborhoods.
  • Form partnerships to revitalize tagged properties.
  • Empower neighborhood associations with resources to beautify Lansing from the residential areas out to the business corridors.
  • Create incentives for small business development. Balance responsible development across all four Wards of Lansing.


  • Work hand-in-hand with unions to build and refit Lansing for the 21st century.
  • Provide responsible opportunities for businesses to choose Lansing Workers First and union workers for reception of city contracts.
  • Partner with community-based organizations to raise the standard of living for Lansing's underserved population.
  • Continue partnerships with local, county, state and federal entities to redevelop industrial (manufacturing, education, technology, energy, etc.) opportunities in Lansing and the Greater Lansing Area.
  • Re-establish trusted, working partnerships with regional businesses and organizations.